El Killer

Pablo "El Killer" Caballero (7-8-0) was born on May 27, 1991, in Rafaela Santa Fe, Argentina. From his youth Caballero always made himself respected in the street, especially in the dangerous neighborhood where he lived. Although humble, Pablo never lacked anything, since his parents taught him the importance of effort, which he puts in every day in his professional fighting and training until today. "El Killer" decided to turn his life around and entered the world of martial arts, which was a one-way ticket with the guidance of his coach who instantly recognized that he was full of heart and courage.
When Pablito debuted, he knew immediately that martial arts had organized his life while providing him with a clear purpose. Since that debut, Caballero has faced many tough rivals, in the 125 and 135 lbs categories, intending to be the best of the best, and in doing so he enjoys every fight and every moment of the lifestyle of a martial artist, because he knows clearly that great efforts bring great achievements, while embracing his motto of "Violence is Golden!"

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