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Our purpose is to unite people by upholding the practices and values of martial arts such as discipline, humility, respect, balance, effort, patience, growth, and constancy. Thus, overcoming all obstacles in the way of making the world a better place by encouraging healthier active communities that are interested in a Mushin Lifestyle.

The term Mushin (無心) is composed by the characters for negation and heart-mind, and is derived from "mushin no shin" (無心の心), a Zen phrase that implies mindlessness, and is also referred to as the "no-mind" state. In other words, a mind that is not bound or distracted by discursive thought and judgment, or emotions such as anger, fear, or pride, neither in combat nor in everyday life; therefore, open to everything. By allowing such a relaxed state, action could be said to rely on intuition, while the mind works at a very high speed, but without any goal, strategy, or direction. Once Mushin is achieved through martial arts, the goal is then to attain the same level of absolute awareness in other aspects of the practitioner's life.

This core conviction guides the way we operate our business, how we collaborate with our partners, how we create our products, and how we interact with our customers. To do this successfully, we focus entirely on martial arts designs as they connect and engage with our consumers in a Mushin Lifestyle.

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